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The Eschenbach Visolux Digital XL FHD 12 inch is our most popular digital device. It boasts a 12 inch screen making it the largest of the portable digital devices. Weighing just 1kg it is easy to transport and has a myriad of user-friendly features.
Visolux DIGITAL XL FHD magnifying a book page
The Visolux Digital XL is very intuitive to use. It gives the user a choice of a touch screen or tactile buttons. The Visolux Digital XL also features dynamic line scrolling which means that the user does not need to move the text or the picture they are viewing. The dynamic line scrolling will scan across the page both horizontally and vertically. Magnification range of the unit is 2X to 22X but it can also be connect to a TV, monitor or projector and thus achieve magnification of up to 125X. This means that the Visolux digital XL bridges the gap between a portable device and a CCTV desktop system and so negates the need for both.
Visolux DIGITAL XL FHD connected to and projecting image of a book onto a TV screen
It can be plugged into an external camera for use in situations such as reading a whiteboard at a distance. The high contrast, high resolution camera, provides crisp image quality at any magnification and the auto-exposure will compensate for ambient light conditions resulting in a beautiful image in any conditions. Other features include reading lines or reading blinds which allows the user to keep their place in the text, SD card for storing images taken on the device, a spoken menu in 4 languages and 14 contrast enhanced false colour modes. The Visloux Digital XL has a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery for up to 2.5 hours of operation with a short recharging time and an auto shut off.

Eschenbach’s Visolux Digital XL FHD showcases what Eschenbach does best, create quality products with the end-user needs as the top priority.
Man using Visolux DIGITAL XL FHD to read
Recommended retail price for the Visolux DIGITAL XL FHD is NZ$2500 + GST

Eschenbach digital magnifiers are available in New Zealand from our long standing partner MSO Limited.

MSO was originally established in 1991 and is a NZ owned and operated family business.

They specialise in the distribution of high-tech opticals for low vision eye care as well as magnifying devices for professionals and specialists. They can be contacted on tel:+6498493415 or by email

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