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Eschenbach's Visolux DIGITAL HD is a 7-inch intuitive and practical digital magnifier. At 460 grams it is extremely portable, and has a full compliment of user-friendly features. There is the high quality camera and LCD screen, dynamic line scrolling, 14 contrast enhancing colour options, up to 22X magnification, larger field of view (70 mm), line guidance and ergonomic placement of tactile buttons. 

Visolux DIGITAL HD displaying a recipe page with a reading line.

Like the larger 12 inch Visolux, the 7 inch version can be used as a screen reader when connected to a TV with supplied HDMI cable, to achieve up to 125X magnification. Take and store photographs on the device, and transmit them to your computer with USB-C port. 

Visolux DIGITAL HD transmitting text onto a larger screen.

Eschenbach's Visolux DIGITAL HD showcases what Eschenbach does best, create quality products with the end-user needs as the top priority. The result is digital magnifier that is simple and effective to use. 

Recommended retail price for Visolux DIGITAL HD is NZ$1550 + GST

Eschenbach digital magnifiers are available in New Zealand from our long standing partner MSO Limited. 

MSO was originally established in 1991 and is a NZ owned and operated family business. 

They specialise in the distribution of high-tech opticals for low vision eye care as well as magnifying devices for professionals and specialists.  They can be contacted on tel:+6498493415 or by email

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