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Eschenbach’s portable desktop magnifiers, the Vario Digital FHD series, combine exceptional true colour image quality with innovative design, user friendly features, intuitive operation and excellent value for money.
The series comprises of 2 choices of screen size and a number of optional extras.
Young girl using Vario DIGITAL FHD to read, with contrast enhanced yellow-on-black text and a reading line.
The 16 inch standard model offers outstanding image quality with a Full HD camera and integrated autofocus on a non-reflective LCD TFT screen. The fast autofocus allows perfect reading comfort at all times. The autofocus can be switched off to allow writing under the camera. The 16 inch offers 1.3X to 45X magnification and a very large horizontal field of view of 265mm. At 1.3X magnification you have an excellent overview of the reading material for orientation. Plus reading lines or reading blinds are available to aid orientation. The buttons and rotary knobs are intuitive to use and the user friendly menu has voice output in 5 languages. There are 14 contrast enhanced false colour modes to choose from and photo function with storage via SD card. The tilting camera makes it easy to use for craft or occupational tasks. It has a simple folding mechanism and ergonomic handle for use at home, at school, work or college.
Woman using Vario DIGITAL 15 FHD Advanced to view a whiteboard in a classroom with an attached distance camera.
The 16 inch advanced model offers all of the above plus dynamic line scrolling (to enable the user to scroll across the page without moving the page), remote control to improve your ease of use, mirror function to enable the unit to be used as a mirror with an enlarged display for doing hair and makeup and a HDMI input which allows the user to connect a distance camera. The advanced model offers the option of an XY table and or a rechargeable battery. The 16 inch standard model (16591) retails for NZ$4250.00 plus GST and the advanced model with the XY table (1659163) retails for NZ$5080 plus GST.
Vario DIGITAL FHD with XY table

The 22 inch model offers all of the above but has a larger screen and offers higher magnification. The 22 inch offers 1.6X to 100X magnification in both the standard and the advanced model with a horizontal field of view of a massive 546mm.
Woman using Vario DIGITAL 16 FHD Advanced with mirror function for makeup application.
Pricing on the 22 inch standard model (16592) is NZ$4545.00 plus GST and the advanced model with the XY table retails at NZ$5400.00 plus GST.

Eschenbach digital magnifiers are available in New Zealand from our long standing partner MSO Limited.
MSO was originally established in 1991 and is a NZ owned and operated family business.
They specialise in the distribution of high-tech opticals for low vision eye care as well as magnifying devices for professionals and specialists. They can be contacted on tel +6498493415 or by email

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