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Digital Magnifiers


    Eschenbach’s portable desktop magnifiers, the Vario Digital FHD series, combine exceptional true colour image quality with innovative design, user friendly features, intuitive operation and excellent value for money.
    The series comprises of 2 choices of screen size and a number of optional extras.
  • Visolux DIGITAL XL FHD

    The Eschenbach Visolux Digital XL FHD 12 inch is our most popular digital device. It boasts a 12 inch screen making it the largest of the portable digital devices. Weighing just 1kg it is easy to transport and has a myriad of user-friendly features.
  • Smartlux DIGITAL

    Eschenbach's Smartlux DIGITAL features brilliant image quality and increased ease of use. Weighing only 240 grams ultra-portable package is ideal for both at home and on the go use. With reflection free, 5 inch screen and magnification of 3-15X it is highly versatile and can evolve to suit degenerative conditions
  • Visolux DIGITAL HD

    Eschenbach's Visolux DIGITAL HD is a 7-inch intuitive and practical digital magnifier. At 460 grams it is extremely portable, and has a full compliment of user-friendly features.
  • Mobilux DIGITAL Touch HD

    Eschenbach’s Mobilux Touch has the look, feel and size of an optical magnifier with the extra magnification and contrast enhancement of a digital magnifier.
  • What are Digital Magnifiers?

    Digital magnifiers are electronic low vision aids that consist of a camera and screen to provide brilliant vision enhancement. Digital magnifiers provide higher magnification with a wider field of view than can be achieved with optical magnifiers.